Tuesday, May 15

Outstanding Cam Girl of the Year!

Congratulations to Caylin who recently won 2018 Outstanding Cam Girl of the Year. Not only is she absolutely stunning, but she's also such a sweetheart.

A little interview this gorgeous babe gave to Chaturbate Blog:

1. How long have you been a broadcaster?
It's been about 4 or 5 years now--Time has gone by so quickly!

2. How did you get started with camming?
At the time, my mom was very sick and needed to have an expensive medical treatment. She also needed me to stay with and care for her, Because of that, I couldn't have a job away from home. A friend of mine introduced me to the camming world and Chaturbate, so I gave it a try and loved it. 

3. What is your favorite part of camming?
My favorite part is interacting with extraordinary people from all over the world that I would never otherwise meet while also discovering more about my own sensuality.

4. What has been your most memorable moment as a broadcaster?
The most memorable was definitely when a crazy friend tipped me to literally throw my panties and toy out the window! I was living on the 6th floor at the time! Hilarious!

5. What are your favorite things to do when you’re not camming?
When I'm not camming, I love spending time with my mom, playing with my pets, and traveling!

6. As Outstanding Cam Girl of the Year, what advice would you give to new broadcasters?
I cannot believe I can give advice now... look mom, I made it! Anyhow, on a serious note, the best advice I can give to new broadcasters is to be yourself and let your own personality shine. Also have TONS of patience, be humble, and stay positive!

7. What goals do you have for the future?
I'm hoping to adopt another puppy and travel the world!

8. What is your biggest guilty pleasure?
BACON! everybody knows this by now!

9. What is your favorite fetish?
I don't know if this is really a fetish, but intelligent guys turn me on as long as they aren't arrogant!

10. When are you online? I'm usually online everyday except the days I am traveling. Fans can follow me on Twitter and Instagram, or buy my Snapchat to know when exactly.

Get to know more about her and visit her Chaturbate room to watch her next live show.

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