Saturday, April 14

LittleMissPretty Adding Sunshine To Chaturbate

1. Do you play any instruments? 
I can play a mean air guitar ;)

2. Describe your perfect date 
I love to eat so if a guy or girl would cook for me.. That would be awesome, just cook me a meal and put in a good movie. I’m not the type who has to go out to fancy restaurants to have a good time.

3. What’s the last spontaneous thing you’ve done? 
Last spontaneous thing i’ve done has to be flying to California for the first time. Big mistake but it was fun! haha

4. Tell us how you came up with your screen name on Chaturbate?
My boyfriend called me little miss pretty a few times back when i just had a tumblr blog.. it became my url there and became my “alter ego”.

5. Favorite webcam memory? 
Hmmm, i’d have to say when i was on chaturbate and had over 1,100 viewers for over an hour. Blew my mind.

6. Any embarrassing webcam moments? 
I trip and fall alot or spilling my drinks all over my computer.. squirting on the keyboard and then the computer crashing.. a few times ;)

7. Tell us about your piercings and what motivated you to do them? 
All the piercings i’ve had done were my tongue twice, my nipples twice, my belly button, triangle piercing, my nose, anti tragus and my ear lobes. My tongue never worked because i couldnt follow the rules of eating soft foods and no oral for 3 weeks… I don’t really have reasons for my others, just that im turned on by piercings and im addicted to the feeling of getting pierced. Definitely will get more.

8. Do you have any Chaturbate crushes? 
 For girls, alizamonae1 is definitely my favorite to watch. I have a huge crush on bbc1989 too.

9. If you can only bring 3 things to a deserted island what would they be?  
Monster energy drinks, a dildo, and my phone.

10. Do you collect anything? If so what?  
I collect things that are zebra print >.< my absolute favorite

11. Name your favorite drink  
My fave non alcoholic drink is monster energy drinks. either low carb blue or rehab… alcoholic? vodkaaa

12. Where is the wildest place you’ve broadcast? 
 I’ve only cammed in my bedroom or my bathroom :)

13. Thigh Highs vs Stocking 
Def thigh highs! I think they are sexier than stockings. Just my preference.

14. What is the craziest request you have received while camming? 
Hahahah Getting asked to fart on cam on command!

15. In your opinion what is the best thing about being 20 years old? 
Being sooo close to 21!! Other than that, its not that exciting.

16. Favorite sex position and why? 
I love to be on top, controlling the pace and how deep is fun. I like to be in control but i also LOVE being submissive. On bottom while getting choked is def a tie with being on top.

17. How did you find out you could squirt? 
I found out when i was playing with myself one day.. it kinda just happened when i orgasmed.

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