Tuesday, March 27

Lady Jade Noire

Italian beauty Jade Noire loves lingerie and shes a contortionist. We at Chaturbate couldn’t be happier with that combo. 

Sometimes you’ll see her on webcam wearing a garter belt and stockings. She says, “I do feel extremely sexy because I’m aware of them all day as they rub against my legs and butt” and by the time she gets on webcam things are ready to get wild.

Miss Jade has a very passionate side to her that blurs the lines between male and female. In our interview she stated, “I do not want sex for the sake of sex. I enjoy making the other person feel my passion, experience the inner most part of me and experiencing him/her to the fullest”.

When shes not on webcam Jade Noire likes to play tennis and hustle a poker table like a boss. Don’t let the pretty face fool you Miss.Jade knows her game and she’s in it to win it. While she is not much of a drinker she has a soft spot for fine french wines and cognac like Remy Martin Louis XIII.

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