Saturday, March 24


Real Name: Dawn Willow
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Interested In: Men, Women, Couples
Location: Connecticut, United States
Language(s): English
Body Type: Average
Smoke / Drink: Maryjane only/ Drink on occasion
Body Decorations: 3 Lip piercings and both ears

About Me:
I am an 18 year old girl who lives in CT. I like anime, RPG’s, roleplaying, animals, eating sugar filled treats, ganja, and having a good chat.

I DON’T DO PRIVATES/SKYPE/SOUND, they make me uncomfortable and I don’t use sound.

Please mind your manners around me, I will kick/ban if you insult me. If tips arn’t flowing I often talk about nerd things don’t like it? Leave. If I’m “ignoring your PM’s” it’s because I get hundreds at a time if your requesting something leave a small tip for my attention. I don’t require enormously large tips to have fun but I do like enough to get a cheeseburger from Mc’donalds ;)

If you have an unusual fantasy that’s down right strange and you couldn’t ever tell your wife go ahead ask me! I’m extremly open minded and willing to indulge most fetishes if given time to prepare and proper payment. I won’t ever embaress you and I’m very respectful so long as you grace me with the same respect in return.

-Age play
-Being the “other woman”
-Light hearted fun encouragement (I’m shy!)
- Watersports

Chat now with Innocent!

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