Tuesday, March 27

Meet DemonikaDevour

22 year old Miss DemonikaDevour is bringing hardcore back to Chaturbate!

She’s a vodka with lemon juice’n water kinda girl who loves it doggy style. Her panties of choice? Thongs of course!

When she’s not on Chaturbate Demonika Devour can be found watching cartoons, playing with her two cats Mr. Kitty and Gizmo, listening to her all time favorite CD October Rust by Type O Negative.

One of her favorite tattoos on her body is of Leonore, a character from a dark comedy comic series. She has no plans on Valentine’s day other than, “making a bomb ass meal” she says. Oh, and perhaps spying on her Chaturbate girl crush Msnaughtykitty.

One of the wildest places she’s done a webcam show was outside during a blizzard. DemonikaDevour recalls the moment she had her face planted in the snow butt ass naked, as good times!

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